Due Care

What is due care?

Due care is the conduct that a reasonable person will exercise in a particular situation in looking out for the protection of things or the safety of others. It is a simple concept, and it is an important one.

At the University of Washington, we have good reason to be conscientious about providing due care for the information that fuels intellectual inspiration, collaboration, and innovation. In the Office of Information Security, we continually develop processes and methods to appropriately and responsibly handle our collective data and the duties that accompany it.

Part of that set of processes and methods that we have forged in the past few years has been developing and instituting the concept of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for each type of data that is protected by law or regulation. A list of laws and regulations related to data, along with contact information for SMEs, can be found on the Information Security and Privacy Laws and Regulations page on the UW Privacy website.