Risk Management

Organizational areas within the UW are responsible for managing information security risks. Over the past few years, OIS team members have developed resources to meet the evolving needs of the University community in managing those risks.

These tools are focused on helping you:

  • Better understand how an attacker may value or target your department’s assets.
  • Learn about the intent of various security controls so you can apply controls that are timely, cost effective, and relevant to your assets.
  • More efficiently and effectively track information about your critical assets and their dependencies.
  • Manage your assets in a way that demonstrates a position of due care.

Below is a suite of resources for understanding and managing security risks at UW.

Check this webpage frequently to make sure you are using the most recent version of risk management resources. The resources will continuously evolve.

Compliance Risk

IT Vendor Risk Management

Security Plan

Contact us if you have questions or concerns, if you need help with risk management processes and tools, or to discuss scheduling consulting services.