Security Advising

Provides strategic and tactical security risk analysis. Collaborates with University organizations on information security planning and risk management practices for critical or high-risk assets. Advises on contract terms and conditions or data security agreements.

Education and Awareness

Offers in-person and online information security education for the University community.

Incident Management

Helps oversee investigation of information security breaches involving the University’s confidential information and critical assets in coordination with other campus authorities.

Governance and Policies

Facilitates information security governance groups and leads task forces for University risks or areas of concern. Manages institution-wide policies, standards, and guidelines for information security.

Cyber Intelligence and Risk Mitigation

Identifies, characterizes, tracks, and mitigates threats to University information assets. Models threats to help improve risk management, and communicates specific and generalized threat information to support incident response, security awareness, and departmental security implementations.

Forensic Analysis

Maintains professional forensic examination capabilities with certified forensic examiners on staff.