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Scams target UW community

There’s currently a surge in phishing and gift card scams targeting UW students, faculty, and staff. Learn more on the Phishing Examples and Scams pages.

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Tips for traveling

Graduation & summer are here! See our tips for travel.

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Scams Target UW Students

See our Student Scams online training.

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Secure devices at home and work

The Securing Laptops Risk Advisory and Working Remotely online training may help you safeguard your personal and UW data, whether you’re in the classroom, office, or in your living room.

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Information Security for Students

Fall quarter brought an uptick in scams targeting UW students. View our postcard aimed at protecting UW NetID credentials and securing data and devices.

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Top 5 Tips to Secure Data

Welcome to the 2020-2021 academic year!
We’ve published our Top 5 Tips to secure your personal and UW institutional data and information.


Scams target remote work and COVID-19 fears

A surge in phishing and other scams target students and staff working remotely. More info in our News & Alerts.

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Report an Incident

What do you do if you suspect an information security incident? See the Report an Incident page.

The Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) promotes a culture of shared responsibility to safeguard personal and institutional data. Services are designed to assist the UW community by monitoring, analyzing, and forecasting threats to information assets, advising on risk management and on contracts related to data security, providing in-person and online education, consulting on incident management, and developing and managing University policies related to information security.