Office of the Chief Information Security Officer

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Information Security and Privacy Risk Management

Does your department have a security plan? Check out our suite of resources for understanding and managing security and privacy risks at UW.

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Security and Privacy 101

Want tips for safeguarding UW’s institutional information? See Security and Privacy 101 on our online training page.

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It's 2016. Do you know where your data is stored?

The Confidential Data Risk Guide provides guidance to make informed decisions to help safeguard UW Confidential data.

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Incident Management

What do you do if you suspect an information security or privacy incident? See the Report an Incident page.

The Office of the Chief Information Security Officer’s assumption of breach methodology is a practical approach that supports the University by balancing risks and creating “situational awareness” about critical information assets and sophisticated cyberattacks. It challenges traditional security and privacy practices by focusing on real conditions and by helping us adapt priorities and resources in a way that addresses due care for potential institutional liabilities and compliance obligations.