November 4, 2022

Email Warning Tags begin at UW this month

Cyber criminals and other adversaries use various tactics to obtain login credentials, gain access to UW systems, deliver malware, and steal valuable data, information, and research. If you click a malicious link, download an infected attachment, or enter your UW NetID and password on one of their websites you could put your personal and UW data at risk.

In order to provide users with more information about messages that warrant additional caution, UW-IT will begin displaying Email Warning Tags at the top of certain messages starting November 15, 2022 for all UW email users who receive email messages in either UW Exchange or UW Google. Learn more about Email Warning Tags, an email security service provided by Proofpoint, and see examples by visiting the following support page on IT Connect.

Be aware that adversaries may ask you to reply from a non-UW email account, or to respond with a phone call or text message. One of the reasons they do this is to try to get around the added protection that UW security services provide.

PLEASE NOTE: While security features help address threats in email, they don’t guarantee that every threat will be identified. Please continue to use caution when inspecting emails. If you hover over a link and the full URL begins with, this is an indication that the URL was scanned by our email security service provider Proofpoint.

Learn more about URL Defense by visiting the following the support page on IT Connect.