Glossary Passwords

Brute Force Attack

Different combinations of characters repetitively used until all possible combinations have been exhausted to crack passwords

Dictionary Attack

Uses words from the dictionary or lists of names and other key information about the user to crack passwords


Free, secure, encrypted Wi-Fi service used throughout many institutions

Husky OnNet

A virtual private network or VPN services used my UW faculty to remotely work and still connect to University resources


Short for malicious software is a program or code that is used to disrupt a computer’s normal function

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Method used to confirm a user’s identity and adds an additional layer of protection in addition of your password (ex. Duo at UW)

Password Manager

Creates, stores, and allows you to access your list of complex passwords as you need them

Password Spray Attack

Takes a list of commonly used password and tests them on multiple users at an organization to crack passwords

Phishing Emails

Emails that are designed to trick users into surrendering their login credentials on phony web pages