Glossary Emotet

Command & Control (C&C)

A server that is used by malicious hackers to communicate with an infected computer or device in order to infiltrate networks, steal data, carry out distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, and carry out other harmful activities


A type of malware that acts as a “Swiss Army Knife,” offering a wide variety of attackers a number of methods of infecting devices and networks. It is frequently used to carry out mass malicious email campaigns as well as highly targeted attacks.

Emotet report


Unauthorized copying, retrieval, or transfer of data from a computer or system by malicious actors


Malware that can lock up your devices and data until you pay money to attackers


Short for malicious software, it is a program or code that is used to disrupt a computer’s normal function


A type of ransomware, first discovered in August 2018, that is known for attacking large organizations, demanding high ransom payments, and for its unique disruptive capabilities, such as deleting shadow copies on endpoints to make it difficult to restore data after attacks


Antivirus software (free to the UW community) that is vital to mitigate the risk of malware infections on University computers as well as your own personal computer


A type of malware, used for data theft but capable of a variety of harmful behaviors, that is typically spread through infected attachments and malicious links in email


Malware that was first developed to steal login credentials and banking information that has been adapted to gather data about devices and networks from infected systems.