Office of the Chief Information Security Officer


October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM)

In observance, we are hosting a series of events for members of the UW community.
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CSAM Schedule

Monday, 10/3

Topic: Security and Privacy 101
Presenter: Melissa Albin-Wurzer, Education and Communications Manager, Office of the CISO
Time: 1:30-2:30
Location: UW Tower Visitors’ Dining Room
Intended audience: Members of the UW community
Description: A 45-minute presentation designed to help UW employees understand risks and responsibilities in protecting UW institutional information. We will discuss UW data classification and policies, laws and regulations, risks and threats, and things to do to safeguard personal and UW data, devices, systems, and resources.

Thursday, 10/6

Topic: Fast and Flexible Data Privacy Risk Analysis
Raymond Hsu, CPM, Assistant Director, Procurement Services
William Li, Esq., CISSP, Office of the CISO
Time: 10:00-11:00
Location: Odegaard 220
Intended audience: UW staff members who work with procurement
Description: Procurement professionals in higher education face unique challenges. Selecting IT vendors to provide reliable solutions has been absolutely vital to business operations for decades, and yet the IT procurement decision-making process feel new each time. We’ll explore why that is, and discuss how the Data Security and Privacy Agreement (DSPA) may be used to analyze risk for IT vendor agreements.

Tuesday, 10/18

Two Topics:

Cultivating a Culture of Information Security
Chester Wisniewski, Principal Research Scientist, Sophos
Description: Users will always introduce risk that cannot be eliminated, but working effectively with people can accomplish more than risk mitigation. Users have their fingers on the pulse of your organization and can become a critical component in the detection phase of security risk management. Chester will focus on evaluating the ways IT staff and information security programs interact with users and present a collaborative approach to working toward securing sensitive data.

Data Forensics: The History, the Future, and Impact on Users
Presenter: Cindy Jenkins, Security Engineer, UW Medicine Information Technology Services
Description: Cindy will present a history of data forensics, how it has matured, and anticipated future developments. She will also discuss how forensics may be used in incident response, how departments can leverage experts in the field, and how you can bring an awareness of forensic capabilities in safeguarding your personal and UW’s institutional data.

Time: 1:00-2:30
Location: UW Tower Auditorium
Intended audience: Members of the UW community, particularly IT staff

Wednesday, 10/26

Topics: TBA
Kirk Bailey, UW Chief Information Security Officer
Cris Ewell, PhD, Chief Information Security Officer, UW Medicine
Time: 2:00-3:00
Location: Odegaard 220
Intended audience: Members of the UW community

Information Security and Privacy Briefings

October may be Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but members of the UW community share the responsibility to safeguard personal and UW data year round.

In support, the Office of the CISO is hosting a series of monthly briefings intended to share information, provide education, and stimulate conversation on a wide range of topics.

Monthly Briefing Dates

November 2016 -December 2017
2nd Monday of each month
Location: Odegaard 220 (except for April and May; locations TBA)

Past events