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February 1, 2024

Scams target international students

Hand stealing money through a computer

The Daily reports that two of UW’s international students were targeted recently by scammers who used a combination of role-playing, surveillance, and phony documents to steal $195,000. A link to the story and tips for spotting and avoiding scams follow. Read the story on The Daily Tips for avoiding scams: Review Scam Warnings for International…

January 26, 2024

Home network security

So far this year, we’ve posted tips for securing connections, devices, and UW NetID credentials, along with ways to spot scams and phishing attempts. We have one more resolution for staying Cyber Smart in 2024. Resolution #5: Secure your home network How much do you know about your managing your computer, router and other devices on your home network?…

January 19, 2024

Stay aware of scams

This month we’ve posted new year’s resolutions for securing connections, devices, and UW NetID credentials to stay Cyber Smart in 2024. This week’s focus is on an ever-present threat: Scams. Resolution #4: Stay aware of scams Job, loan, and gift card scams have been prevalent at UW for the past few years, but there are…

Phishing for W-2s

As tax season arrives, cyber criminals use phishing messages to target W-2 forms. Read more about these scams on our annual messages page and find information and resources for protecting your W-2 forms and other personal and UW data from cyber criminals. Go to annual message Phishing Examples

January 12, 2024

Resolution #3: Secure your UW NetID

So far for new year’s resolutions we’ve posted tips for securing connections and devices. This week we’ll focus on securing your UW NetID credentials to stay Cyber Smart in 2024. Resolution #3: Secure your UW NetID credentials Don’t reuse your UW NetID and password on other accounts. Use multi-factor authentication, such as Duo, to add…

January 8, 2024

It’s Data Privacy Month

It’s a great time to refresh your knowledge (or begin your privacy learning journey!) about privacy-related roles & responsibilities and strategies to meet them. Check out the events listed below and learn more on the UW Privacy website. Data Privacy Month kick-off   Wednesday, Jan 10, 11 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.   We’ll hear from campus leaders…