Office of the Chief Information Security Officer

October 8, 2019

Director of IoT Risk Mitigation Strategy

Chuck Benson has recently joined the Office of the CISO as Director of IoT Risk Mitigation Strategy.

Chuck has been at UW for over 15 years with experience in facilities IT, healthcare IT, and central IT. He has testified before the US-China Economic & Security Review Commission on IoT risk mitigation for institutions and cities, chaired University task forces on IoT Systems risk mitigation, and has provided national leadership by chairing a national task force on IoT systems risk management for Internet2 for Higher Education institutions across the country. He is also a member of UW’s drone policy working group.

Chuck has written multiple articles, has been interviewed for articles, and has blogged for several years on the topic at His first book, published July 2019, is “Managing IoT Systems for Institutions and Cities” and he is also a contributing author on IoT Systems in the book, “Creating, Analysing, and Sustaining Smart Cities – A Systems Perspective.”

He has an electrical engineering degree from Vanderbilt University, and an MS computer science degree from Eastern Washington University. He is a former Marine Corps Captain and helicopter pilot.

Internet of Things (IoT)
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